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Subcontract your tree removal projects to an ISA certified arborist crane operator. 

Mark Batty started Brooklin Tree & Crane in 2014 (aka Sensible Tree Care) to work with and support arborists in the Greater Toronto Area. His Palfinger tree mek knuckle-boom is super nimble and equipped with a grapple saw to make quick work of hazard and large trees removals.


He also operates and rents out a well-equipped bucket truck for the jobs that don't call for the crane.




Having access to this crane and grapple saw for hire means you can take on bigger removals and hazard trees without putting your climbers at risk. 

Crane Rental Benefis

Keep up with your competition

Subcontracting with Brooklin Tree & Crane can give you a leg up on the competition. There are hazardous trees and storm damage that you can't take on with climbers alone. This crane could be the key differentiator to help you win a job.

Safe and efficient tree removal

Big jobs that could take your climbers three days are typically wrapped up within a day with Mark's grapple saw crane. Think of what you could do with all that extra time! The crane makes such quick work out of it that Mark's minimum is just 3 hours. 


Give your climbers a break.

The grapple saw crane keeps your climbers safely on the ground (or at another job). At an ideal job site, the drop zone will be set up close to the chipper to minimize groundwork and clean-up. This crane reduces the need for a large crew on site.

Get all of the benefits of having access to a crane without the headaches of ownership. 

Owning a crane brings additional heavy equipment insurance, loan payments, specialty licensing and frequent maintenance. Leave all of those ownership headaches to Brooklin Tree & Crane. Contact Mark for a FREE estimate and start reaping the rewards of adding an arborist crane subcontractor to your crew. 


Provincially qualified and ISA certified, Brooklin Tree & Crane offers more than just tree removal.

Routine/Structural Pruning

Promote healthy and well-structured growth and through proper pruning minimize the chances or potential for failure. 

Planting & Arborist Consultations

There’s more to planting trees than digging a hole and dropping them in place. We're here to help do it right and ensure you are getting the best, up to date arboriculture practices. 

Cabling & Bracing

Reduce weaknesses and improve structural integrity.

Tree Care Services

Get an accurate quote to subcontract your next tree removal project.

Contact Us

Don't hire just any crane operator. Hire an ISA Certified Arborist!

Mark Batty is an ISA Certified and provincially qualified arborist. He knows how to take down a tree safely and efficiently. He can accurately estimate the weight of the limbs and sections he's bringing down, which reduces risk to you, your crew and the property owner.

Put safety and efficiency first!​

(905) 242-3982

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Looking to rent a crane or bucket truck to bring more business into your tree care company?

Brooklin Tree & Crane will provide a crane rental to your job site up to 250kms from Brooklin, Ontario, subcontracting to these regions:

  • Durham

  • York

  • Peel

  • Dufferin

  • Toronto

  • Simcoe 

  • Kawartha Lakes

  • Northumberland

  • Peterborough

  • Halton 

  • Wellington

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